Alani Sport Rinse Alani Conditioner Paul Brown Hawaii: is a Detangling Moisture Rinse - Conditioner

In Hawaii, Alani means orange blossom, and Alani Moisturizing Detangling Rinse instantly detangles your hair after shampooing. Leaves hair with a citrus fresh shining compact cuticle.

Who is it for? People with normal, dry/chemically treated, and fine/limp, thin hair
What does it do? Detangles, moisturizes, revitalizes

Bathe your hair in natural Hawaiian botanicals, kukui nut oil and other essential oils that nourish without coating the hair. fresh and clean, alani is the fragrant orange grown on the Hawaiian Kona cost. Rinse away tangles with Alani Sport from Paul Brown Hawaii. Add sheen and luster with this companion to the Paul brown Hawaii shampoo for your hair type.

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