Clarifying Shampoo Paul Brown

Clarifying Shampoo Clarifying Shampoo Paul Brown

This Paul Brown Hawaii Shampoo is designed to thoroughly cleanse your hair. It will purify yourhair by removing unwanted build up that may have accumulated throughout the week. It is a thorough cleansing Shampoo that has the additional advantage of r adding Volume & Body to your hair. This thorough cleansing shampoo clarifies you hair by removing unwanted hair contamination and build-up from every day life. This product is usually used onec a week to return your hair back to its original condition, by removing buildup from styling aids and the environment. Works well for all hair types. 


  • Thoroughly saturate hair with fresh water
  • place shampoo on palms of hands, with at little water and rub together
  • apply throughout hair
  • pay particular attention to the scalp and all dry or damaged areas of the hair
  • work up later
  • rinse
  • repeat
  • follow with a Paul Brown Hawaii Conditioner
  • Use Clarifying Shampoo by Paul Brwn once a week as a maintenance shampoo. If you are working in a harsh environment for example in an ore processing plant, or mining operation or and operaton with great deal of dust, or chemical pollution in th e air, you can use Clarifying Shampoo for your first sudsing and follow with with the Paul Brown Hawaii shampoo for your hair type for the second sudsing.)

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Clarifying Shampoo Paul Brown
by Paul Brown Hawaii

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