Hawaiian Protein Flora Complex Utilizing a blend of twelve Hawaiian Island botanical extracts, each one offering its own distinctive benefit, combined with the amazing properties of the Kukui Nut Oils, the trade-marked "Hawaiian protein flora complex" is found throughout the Paul Brown Hawaii product line.

á Botanical Extracts Benefits á
á Arrowroot Adds fullness and body to the hair Paul Brown Hawaii Hair Care Products - complex
á Banana A protein that adds shine to the hair
á Coconut Adds oil to the hair for sheen
á Guava Contains Vitamins Kelp And Lemongrass Cleanses-Papaya, Cleanses-Fruit, Cleanses-Raspberry Cleanses-Ginger, Adds Sandalwood, Acts-Watercress, Contains Vitamins A, B & C for healthier hair.
á Kelp An important nutrient for the roots of the hair
á Lemongrass Cleanses and gives hair sheen and body
á Papaya Cleanses the hair
á Passionflower Fruit Cleanses the hair. high in Vitamin C
á Raspberry Cleanses the hair, reduces buildup
á Hawaiian White Ginger Adds body to the hair
á Sandalwood Acts as a softener on the hair
á Watercress Contains Vitamin A. adds moisture to the hair
á Rejuvinaiton_Cocktail: Combine 1oz Resurrect Conditionerá + 1/4oz Kukui Nut Hot Oil + 1/4 oz Diamond Heads Cuticle Sealer: Mix well Shampoo hair gently rinse & apply cocktail cover with & apply heat for 10 to 15 minutes, let cool rinse and squeeze hair in towel to dry.

paul brown hawaii hair care products - Kukui Nut, signature ingredientKukui Nut Oil Lipids
Kukui Nut Secretes known to the ancient Hawaiians: it penetrates the skin and hair, replacing lost moisture, while smoothing, protecting and adding incredible shine!


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