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Paul Brown Iron | Paul Brown Flat Iron: for beautiful easy-finsh hair styles -- here' why

  1. Paul Brown Ceramic Flat Iron1 inch Professional Salon Model
  2. 100 percent Ionic Ceramic Plates promotes silker, smoother hair
  3. LCD Digital Temperature Control
  4. Sleek, ergonomic, non-slip grip, designed for professional comfort
  5. Heats to maximum temperature in 30 seconds
  6. Provides consistent heat throughout use
  7. Floating plates for optimal styling
  8. Automatic shut-off
  9. 11-foot heat resistant textile cord
  10. Swivel cord prevents tangling and Looped end for easy storage
  11. Limited Lifetime Warranty

® Paul Brown™ Hawaii Ceramic Ion Thermal Flat Iron


Voltage 110-240V; 50/60Hz  
Temperature 310 F-450 F (150-230 C)  
Power 105W (USA)/38W (Canada)  

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Paul Brown™ Hawaii Ceramic Ion Thermal Rat Irons are manufactured for maximum style options and superior hair conditioning when used properly.

Please take a moment to review these simple procedures to insure safe and long lasting use.

The Paul Brown™ Hawaii Ceramic Ion Thermal Flat Irons feature Far Infrared Heating from Ceramic Heaters, using the Ceramic Coated Paddles to protect hair color and hair condition. The rapid heating benefit allows the unit to be turned OFF between uses, saving electricity and should NEVER be left on when not in use.

Use the convenient "On/Off" switch in the temperature control for On/Off functions during the day and between uses.

For safety the unit should be unplugged overnight or when not in daily use.

Paul Brown™ Hawaii Ceramic Ion Thermal Flat Irons have an adjustable thermostat control to set the proper temperature for various hair conditions and textures.

For chemically treated, fine or damaged hair use a lower heat setting.

The "High" 410° temperature is only recommended for healthy coarse hair types and ethnic styles.

This iron reaches a hot temperature of 410° F (210° C) but has 5 heat settings,

beginning at

  • 266° F (130 C),
  • 150 C (302 F)
  • 170° C (338° F) - ideal for soft fine hair
  • 190° C (374° F) and finally
  • 210° C (410° F).

If the hair is soft and fine, temperature used should not exceed 190° C (374° F)and ideal usage would be between 170° C (338° F) and 190° C (374° F).

Even very coarse and resistant hair should only be exposed to tempeture exceeding 190°C (374 -F) very spairingly

Begin at lowest temperature setting and increase heat only as needed for your hair type and style.

These Professional Salon Irons develop extreme heat, especially on higher temperature settings, so CAUTION should be exercised at all times.

  • AVOID any contact with skin!
  • Always keep out of the reach of children and away from water at all times.
  • Due to the temperature created when in use, NEVER wrap the cord around the paddles unt the entire unit has cooed off
  • DO NOT set the iron on delicate cabinet surfaces or near any flammable maters.
  • Burning the cord while wrapping it around the heated paddles or damage to the iron from getting it wet will VOID the warranty.
  • If the flat iron is broken or cracked on the outside case due to miss handling, it will VOID the replacement warranty.

To periodically clean product residue from the paddles,

  • be sure the iron is unplugged and cool to the touch.
  • Clean the paddles with a soft cloth and alcohol or glass cleaner to protect the ceramic coating




C-rty__________________ State_____________Zip_____________
Date of purchase_______ Salon Name and Location_______________

To activate your warranty, please include a copy of your sates receipt
Should it become necessary to return flat iron please include $10.00 (US) 20.00 (international) shipping and handling ee
Check or money order is to be made out to PBH Marketing, Inc.
Please be certain to read your warranty information above.
Detach and mail to: PBH Marketing, Inc., 9960 Glenoaks Boulevard. Suite D, Sun Vhltey. CA 91352

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